Bulk SMS in Eastern Europe and How It’s Shaping Retail: Cyprus

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With an urban population totaling nearly 70% and one of the highest number of Internet users in the European Union, Cyprus is a hotspot for SMS activity. With several major carriers available for bulk SMS, the nation is primed for a new age of marketing.

Cyprus Bulk SMS

The state of technology and smartphone penetration in Cyprus make it a strong candidate for the introduction and proliferation of SMS marketing. Companies looking to take advantage of a prime market opportunity should look to Cyprus for their bulk SMS needs.

For this reason, let’s take a quick look at some Cyprus statistics and see why the country offers great opportunities for businesses that wish to take advantage of bulk SMS.

Cyprus Overview

Why is bulk SMS in Cyprus so effective? In truth, there are a variety of reasons why the small island nation is so conducive to bulk SMS marketing and SMS gateway API connectivity. Specifically, the country has:

  • High Smartphone Penetration: Though the population of Cyprus rests only around 864,200 individuals, the number of documented smartphones used in the country sits around 1,200,378. This puts smartphone penetration in the island nation at an astonishing 139%–making it one of Europe’s prime locations for bulk SMS. As can be seen, much of the population owns not only one smartphone, but two, making bulk SMS one of the most effective marketing strategies available. What’s more, with a relatively young population, it’s likely that this number will only increase in the coming years.
  • Strong Urban Population:2% of those in Cyprus live in urban areas. This means that an overwhelming majority of Cypriots are adjusted to and have embraced modern technology. This makes bulk SMS a smart and effective marketing strategy for Cyprus. With only around 30% of Cypriots living in rural areas—and with this number declining on an annual basis—it can be expected that technology and smartphones will only play bigger role in the island nation for years to come. This means that businesses that take advantage of bulk SMS marketing now can get in while the going is good and secure market space for the future.
  • Variety of SMS Networks: SMS infrastructure in Cyprus is strong, with several supported networks available. Specifically, the country boasts Cyta, Primetel, MTN, and Callsat. As such, the market in Cyprus can be said to be diverse and competitive, making it a prime location for bulk SMS marketing. The next few years will likely see an increase in this competition as more and more businesses turn to SMS marketing in Cyprus for their retail needs.

The Bottom Line

Though Cyprus is one of the most scarcely populated nations in Europe, it boasts a large urban population and high smartphone penetration, making it a prime location for bulk SMS marketing. Companies that wish to further their marketing strategies in Cyprus can revolutionize their business by taking advantage of growing SMS trends. Over the next few decades, this tactic looks to transform the state of retail in Cyprus, helping further develop and modernize the small island nation.