Expansion to China for Intergo Telecom and

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Intergo Telecom Ltd, creator of the business messaging platform and other telecommunications solutions, recently completed a strategic interconnection with China’s largest telecommunication operator. With the agreement, the company can now deliver SMS messages to over 950 million mobile subscribers in China and has expanded coverage throughout Asia and APAC (Asia Pacific Region).

The new agreement achieves the highest percentage of correct and final delivery of messages at a low cost. Asian markets are plagued by difficulty in delivering messages due to multiple firewall filters and complex local regulations. Businesses with customers in Asia often encounter difficulties in delivering SMS messages to their customers’ mobiles even for important issues such as passwords, reminders, etc. The company is specialized in sending and delivering SMS messages both individually (One-time Passwords, Transactional, etc.) and in bulk (Advertising, Newsletters, etc.) and can improve the deliverability and cost profile of messages both locally and internationally.

The Paphos-based company offers telecom technology solutions and creates platforms and applications in this direction. The purpose of the company is to simplify and make accessible services for companies through the internet. Working initially with SMS and Viber, but with plans to add messaging capabilities via WhatsApp and other messengers, was designed to allow businesses to integrate all B2C communications into an easy-to-use communications platform.

Providing a powerful programmable API (Gateway, Viber & WhatsApp Gateway), which can be customized with the company’s Workflows or CRM software, the use of the platform allows and helps to send messages. The company already cooperates with small and large companies in Cyprus and abroad such as Insurance, Universities, Forex, Governments, Supermarkets, Delivery Companies, Financial Solutions Companies, and more.

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