How to Send Bulk SMS to International Numbers

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If you’re planning to send mass SMS messages, and you are considering bulk SMS to international numbers, then there are several advantages to this type of messaging. These include lower per-message costs and the ability to send on international networks. If you’re looking for a cheap, easy way to send bulk SMS, consider these tips. You’ll be able to send SMS to a multitude of mobile phone numbers at once with minimal hassle.

Cost of Bulk SMS

Depending on the volume and destination, international SMS messaging costs can vary by country. Most popular international routes are Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Singapore, and the United Kingdom. is one such provider that takes care of the nuances of each carrier and country. This service also includes delivery insights, including delivery rates and queueing. If you’re looking to send bulk SMS to international numbers, you’ll find that is an excellent choice.

International number sending can be expensive, but the benefits far outweigh the costs. For starters, bulk SMS is fast, convenient, and inexpensive. Even start-ups, SME’s, and established brands use it. Today, almost everyone owns a mobile phone. Compared to email, an average SMS open rate is 97%. Because SMS is a form of direct communication, it’s a good choice for businesses.

Network coverage for SMS

When sending bulk SMS to international numbers, your first concern is network coverage. While some networks provide full coverage, others may not. Listed below is a list of countries where bulk SMS services provide full coverage. In order to receive service TO one of these networks, fill out our contact form and state your country and expected monthly SMS amount. Note that you cannot send bulk SMS to land lines. If you wish to send SMS to international numbers, you can commit to a pre-paid plan and have your messages delivered to your recipients for a small fee.

For international numbers, you should use a reputable provider like uses high-quality routing to ensure a reliable delivery. Intelligent routing by automatically selects the best source address for each destination to reduce filtering. Other features include support for non-English characters, binary messages, and long messages. Ensure that your provider is reliable and has the right network coverage for your business. You should also choose a service with excellent customer support.

SMS SenderID selection

While the technical limitations of bulk SMS to international numbers are comparatively less, there are certain guidelines you should adhere to. First, you should consider the Sender ID of your message. If the destination country requires a specific Sender ID, make sure to choose one that’s unique and short. Generally, a Sender ID of 11 characters or less is required. However, the length can vary based on the destination country’s regulations.

Another important consideration when using Sender ID in bulk SMS is the network of the recipient. In countries like South Korea, an SMS sent to network Free (20815) will have a sender ID of UK. Unlike the US, a numeric sender ID will not be delivered if it contains a network name. Further, 45407 and 45412 do not support alpha Sender ID. Therefore, your SMS will be routed to a numeric originator.

Cost per message

When you are looking for the best bulk SMS to international numbers service provider, you must be aware that the cost per message varies greatly. The cost per message may vary by country and even by region. The quality of networks is an issue in developing countries, and it is important to consider the number of successfully delivered messages. A lower cost per message may be better if the delivery rate is high, but a higher cost per message could mean a greater return on investment.

The cost per message for bulk SMS to international numbers can vary from $40 to $80 USD for 500 SMS messages, but the cost per message for international texts can be as low as 0.0086 US cents. For the most part, international SMS messaging providers charge between 0.4 US cents per message and $6 per thousand SMS messages. As with any service, the price of bulk SMS messaging will depend on a number of factors, most notably the destination country, message length, and special characters.