Intergo Telecom Launches – A Smarter Omni-Channel Business Communication Platform (CPaaS)

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Intergo Telecom Launches – A Smarter Omni-Channel Business Communication Platform (CPaaS)

  • All Business to Customer communication managed in one place
  • Compliance focus marketing tools (GDPR & Automatic Opt-out management)
  • Growth-oriented features (A/B testing) integrated within communication-management platform


Launching this month, is a CPaaS Al-powered omni-channel business communication platform, created to streamline the time-consuming management of outdated business messaging. is a product of Intergo Telecom Ltd, a developer of innovative telecom solutions based in Cyprus looking to storm in the European market.

Working, initially with SMS but with plans to onboard WhatsApp and Viber capabilities shortly, has been designed to enable businesses to integrate all B2C communications into one easy to manage platform. While providing a robust Programmable Web API (SMS Gateway, Viber & WhatsApp Gateway), which can be assimilated into user’s workflow or CRM software, the interface connects businesses with their customers and aids in the sending of:

  • Marketing & Promotional messages
  • Omnichannel notifications (Whatsapp, Viber, SMS)
  • OTP (one time passwords)
  • Transaction notifications
  • Appointment reminders
  • 2FA (two factor authentication)
  • 2 Way SMS ( send & receive SMS)
  • Smart Workflows – Action triggered notifications



However, although communication is at the heart of the platform, that’s not it’s complete USP (Unique Selling Proposition). has been enhanced by a series of compliance features, which enables businesses to augment their marketing strategy without falling foul of marketing & SPAM regulations. This means that customers are provided with simple, automated opt-out features, GDPR compliance features allowing multiple subscriber lists to be effectively managed, and all collected data to be efficiently reported. in its goal to offer data driven communications provides a split-testing and URL tracking feature, enabling businesses to easily perform A/B tests on all marketing messages, to build towards the best possible conversion rates and ROI (return of investment), AI algorithms will analyse the best time to send a message and make recommendations in the future.

‘Customer communication is integral to any business, but it can be a needlessly laborious and highly complicated and regulated task,’ explains Marios Italos, Director of ‘The future of communications is here with customers interacting with multiple channels simultaneously (SMS, Viber, WhatsApp, Facebook etc.). is allowing businesses to deal with multiple communications channels, rather than individually in an all in one unique, feature rich platform with data intelligence in mind’

‘With, we wanted to create a single tool that did a lot of things that puts businesses in control of their data, at a price point that would mean that it was accessible to everyone – from start-ups to multinationals. This system works to improve productivity, efficiency, customer service and compliance, while not just collecting and keeping agreed-to customer data and communicate with them in a compliant manner, but actually presenting it in a form which businesses can use and benefit from through smart data insights. The platform aspires to provide answers to questions like:

‘Which SMS message performs best? What is the best time to send a message?. ‘

‘Long gone are the days of blindly loading up number lists and sending. Business can now interact and engage with customers, collect and present meaningful data and make decisions that grow their business.

Of course, all of this would be pointless if you needed a technology degree to be able to use it, so we spent a lot of time working to make the interface as user friendly as possible. It takes a few minutes to set up and is as intuitive to use as we could make it.

I really think that a lot of businesses will see the benefits that could bring to their company.’


Company: by Intergo Telecom Ltd

Name: Marios Italos



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