Bulk SMS in Africa: How SMS Is Shaping Up in Nigeria

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Nigeria has become one of Africa’s best-known success stories. With an urban population at nearly 50%, this African powerhouse is home to some of the most affluent in the region.

This sprawling urban center is home to one of the largest customer bases in the area. This makes it great for businesses who are looking to get off the ground in Africa. Because of their cosmopolitan attitudes, Nigerians prove to be some of the most up-to-date on the continent.

Bulk SMS in Nigeria

Coupled with this is the fact that Nigerians are at the forefront of the technological revolution in Africa, and you can see why bulk SMS has become an effective marketing means in the country.

In fact, for those who are looking to do business in this African nation, bulk SMS proves one of the most effective marketing methods. But what do you need to know about bulk SMS in Nigeria? Let’s take a look.

Nigeria: An Overview

The state of bulk SMS in Nigeria proves strong for several reasons. For those looking to take their businesses to the next level, consider the following reasons why bulk SMS is a powerful tool that may help you.

  • Large Urban Population

One of the most important factors leading to the success of bulk SMS in Nigeria is its large urban population. This large population has more cosmopolitan attitudes, making them much more likely to respond to marketing schemes.

What’s even more impressive is that Nigeria’s urban population currently stands right at 50%–one of the highest in all of Africa. This makes it one of the best places for business—and means that it has one of the most affluent customer bases.

For this reason, bulk SMS proves especially effective in Nigeria—and this will only continue to increase in the coming years, as the nation continues to develop.

  • Growing Number of Smartphone Users

With over 25 million smartphone users, Nigeria has a large number of consumers who can be reached through SMS marketing. This makes it an especially effective strategy in the nation, as a number of people own smartphones.

Even better, this number continues to increase as the country modernizes. This means that there’s room to grow. Currently, smartphone penetration in this African nation stands at just 13%–meaning that millions more can be expected to start using smartphones in the coming years. This makes SMS marketing an emerging, yet effective, means of digital marketing.

  • Increasing Business Opportunities

Because of both of these factors, there’s a growing number of business opportunities. And as these businesses grow in number, they’re also increasing their marketing tactics.

And yes, that means that they’re not using SMS marketing, too. Because of this introduction, Nigerians are familiar with SMS marketing and may respond more favorably to it.

The Bottom Line

Nigeria is one of the most successful countries in Africa. Because of its high urban population, it proves one of the most susceptible to the benefits of SMS marketing.

With a large proportion of the population now modernizing and beginning to use smartphones, one can expect SMS marketing in the region to become a powerful force in the years to come.