SMPP API vs HTTP API: What’s Better for SMS?

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SMPP and HTTP are both great protocols for businesses and individuals that need an efficient way to transmit SMS messages. Ultimately you have to choose one that’s best for your needs. This creates confusion as to which one of them is better.

In this article, we will understand and compare both to decide which is the best option for you.

What Is the SMPP Protocol?

Short Message Peer-to-Peer (SMPP) refers to an industry-standard, open protocol in the telecommunication sector that provides a flexible interface for data communication and transferring short messages between routing entities (REs), External Short Messaging Entities (ESMEs), and Short Messaging Service Centers (SMSCs).

SMPP allows third parties, such as service providers, to submit SMSs or messages. This protocol is also used to enable SMS peering. It can transmit short messages like text messages, voicemail notifications, EMS, MMS notifications, cell broadcasts, USSD messages, etc. It’s one of the most used communication protocols because of its support and versatility for non-GSM SMS protocols.

Talking about its origins, SMPP was designed by an Irish company, Aldiscon, which was acquired by Logica later. It was created as a test to check how SMSC functions without Signaling System No. 7 (SS7) networks for sending messages.

Some of the common versions of SMPP are as follows:

SMPP 3.3: This is still one of the most widely used SMPP versions. It supports only GSM and creates a faster response for every message sent.

SMPP 3.4: It’s a more versatile and advanced SMPP version. It can add optional tag-length-value (TLV) parameters and supports non-GSM SMS techs as well as the transceiver. The transceiver is a single connection capable of sending and receiving messages. In SMPP 3.4, the exchange of response PDUs and SMPP requests between SMSC and ESME transmitters may occur asynchronously and synchronously.

SMPP 5.0: It’s the latest SMPP version that supports smart flow control and cell broadcasting. However, it’s not used that widely.

SMS SMPP Gateway: What’s It and How Does SMPP Work?

SMS SMPP Gateway is an SMS Gateway using the SMPP protocol to enable exchanging short messages and data communications to and from SMS-enabled devices like smartphones via the global telecommunication network.

Also, the computer sending the SMS is the SMPP client while the service provider’s computer delivering the message to the mobile device’s network is the SMPP server.

SMS Gateways connect a mobile network’s SMSC with SMS applications. Previously, SMS Gateways used to have hardware equipment with embedded radios and SIM cards. But modern Gateways transfer SMSs to telecommunication networks via an SMPP interface.

Let’s understand how this really works.

SMSs are generated from mobile devices like laptops, mobile phones, etc. that leverage GSM networks to send the SMSs. They have SMEs acting as the beginning and ending points of an SMS.

Now the challenge here is these devices can’t directly connect to enable communication. SMSC comes to the rescue here. It stores and forwards the messages to/from the ESMEs. And to complete the process of sending and receiving SMSs, an SMPP protocol is needed. 

SMS Gateways utilize SMPP as the access protocol. Because of its versatility and support for sending and receiving SMSs, it has become popular and is preferred widely, especially for transferring SMSs in bulk.

An application or software program can interact with a mobile device with the help of SMPP working between the app and the SMSC located nearest to it.

So, if you are looking for a reliable SMS SMPP Gateway, is a great option. It offers bulk SMS messaging for SMS hubs, enterprises, carriers, and aggregators via the SMPP protocol. Its scalable and redundant infrastructure is available worldwide and capable of sending 2000+ messages a second through its efficient systems.

Apart from SMPP, there are other protocols available, such as HTTP, XML, and SMTP. 


HTTP SMS API is an SMS API using the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) to establish communication between two devices or systems.

Both SMPP and HTTP SMS API are used for sending SMSs, but there are some differences between them.

SMPP protocol is an open standard, capable of sending a large pool of users through a TCP connection. Hence, it’s best for large organisations. 

On the other hand, HTTP API is more suitable for individuals and small to mid-sized businesses. With that said, it’s a bit easier to integrate with almost any programming language and has less complexity than SMPP. 

A developer can easily customize and manipulate a communication session for their application. However, doing this in SMPP will need you to set up a special server along with a middleware app to transfer messages to your app.

Furthermore, SMPP APIs involve seamless delivery reports with SMPP support while webhooks mainly manage HTTP APIs. Also, SMPP supports Unicode messages, Unicode flash, and extended SMS lengths.


  • Less complex
  • Easy to integrate
  • Reliable
  • Seamless delivery reports
  • Versatile, flexible, and interoperability
  • Best for sending bulk SMS

Cons of SMPP

  • Incompatibility between various SMPP versions for submitting a response
  • Formatting issues
  • Connection setup can be tricky

Pros of HTTP

  • Easy to customize communication sessions
  • Flexibility in sending bulk messages
  • Faster
  • More features are easy to add
  • Best for SMME and individual use

Cons of HTTP

  • Requires you to ensure security with SSL and HTTPS
  • Managed by webhooks

SMPP SMS Software

SMPP SMS software refers to an application that can encrypt and transmit SMS between two different systems or devices.

Since businesses need to stay connected 24/7 with their customers and clients, they need reliable and fast software programs.

To solve this problem, software vendors are creating SMPP SMS software systems that allow their clients to build custom-made applications with interactive features. These software systems are more affordable than building a software system from scratch. You can use SMPP SMS software for a variety of purposes and is quick and convenient to use.

So, when you choose an SMPP SMS software, ensure a few things:

  • Its interface must be intuitive and effortless to use
  • Check the software vendor’s reputation in the market
  • Their support team must be good
  • It must come under your budget

Some of the best open source SMPP SMS software solutions are:  

Kannel: Kannel is an open-source, powerful, and compact WAP and SMS gateway. It has served trillions of SMSs, mobile internet connectivity, and WAP Push Service and is used extensively worldwide.

Jasmin SMPP: Jasmin SMS is another excellent open-source SMS gateway that comes with amazing enterprise-grade features. It can easily be customized as per your specific needs for messaging. It offers strong algorithms and greater flexibility to specify rule-based routing. Written in Python, it’s suitable for scalable applications.

There are of course commercial systems in the market with advanced reporting, billing, and client management that come with hefty fees for the extra convenience.

SMPP Server Setup for SMS

In this SMPP vs HTTP SMS APIs comparison, it’s essential for you to know how to configure each. This will also help you make your final decision. 

  • You need to set up your SMPP server before using it. So, install a good SMPP server software. It can be open source or paid, which will help you send messages, binary content, and DLR. 
  • When installing, login to the SMPP server and SMPP client accounts. This will allow you to monitor the process of communication.
  • Now, open the server details page and click the “Channels” node. Next, click the tab – “Test” and send your test message. You will be able to view the traces of the response from the SMPP server.


Choosing one among SMPP vs HTTP API depends completely on your requirements. For some, SMPP would be better while it would be HTTP for others.

So, go for the one based on the above guidelines and select a reliable SMPP SMS Gateway provider based on the features, ease of use, and budget.  

How Bulk SMS Shapes Asia: Vietnam

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Vietnam is one of the emerging jewels of the Southeast Asian economic landscape. With high-speed economic growth and a quickly-modernizing population, the nation has established itself as a serious contender for long-term economic growth and sustainable business.

How Delivery Companies are Making the Most of SMS

For this reason, it’s worth taking a look at the feasibility and importance of bulk SMS marketing in Vietnam. While the nation has yet to achieve the outstanding economic numbers posted in nearby nations such as South Korea, China, and Japan, there are a number of benefits to starting an SMS marketing campaign in Vietnam.

With that being said, let’s take a look at a few of these reasons and see how they could impact your business moving forward.

Vietnam Overview

What exactly makes Vietnam such a great place for SMS marketing? On the surface, the question may seem confusing, especially considering the current state of modernization and economic development in Vietnam. Despite this, there are a number of key factors that establish the nation as a prime location for SMS marketing.

Specifically, they are:

  • Rapid Economic Growth: Over the course of the last few decades, the Vietnamese economy has grown at sustainable rates of above 5%. This marks some of the highest GDP growth in the world and highlights the potential of the Vietnamese market moving forward. With this widescale economic development comes the uplifting of millions of individuals out of poverty and a greater consumer base for businesses all across the country—and the world. This means that SMS marketing looks to play a significant role in Vietnamese retail in the years to come. As such, businesses that wish to get an early start on this marketing strategy should start their campaigns soon to secure their market place and grow their brand image.
  • Smartphone Penetration: Smartphone penetration in Vietnam currently rests at an unimpressive 34%. Though the number may seem quite low, particularly for the SMS marketer, the number is significantly higher than it was last year (2018): 30%. With the rate at which Vietnamese individuals own smartphones increasing, the importance of SMS marketing moving forward is only growing. As an increasing number of Vietnamese citizens turn to smartphones and pick up the e-commerce habits associated with them, business owners would be wise to capitalize on these positive trends to establish themselves as dominant names through SMS marketing. In doing so, businesses can grow their brands and gain greater access to emerging markets.

What Does This Mean for You?

What do Vietnam’s rapid economic growth and prime SMS marketing status mean for you? Simply put, it means that there’s never been a better time to invest in SMS marketing in Vietnam. By starting early, your business will be able to carve out valuable market space and edge away rivals. This means that businesses should do everything in their power to take advantage of Vietnamese SMS marketing today.

The Bottom Line

SMS marketing has never been more important. This is especially true for those businesses in Vietnam, which is set to experience rapid economic growth and digital and cellular modernization over the coming years. With the market positioned for long-term and sustainable growth, the time is now for business owners to take advantage of potential opportunities and invest in SMS marketing in Vietnam today!

How Bulk SMS Shapes Asia: Thailand

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One of the emerging economies of Southeast Asia, Thailand is quickly positioning itself as a top market for SMS marketing. An increasingly urban population and a movement toward a stronger and more integrated digital network have led to a more primed market with increasing potential.

Bulk SMS in Thailand

For business owners, this means that the time is right to try out SMS marketing in Thailand. The nation, which looks to grow significantly in the years and decades to come, can be classified as one of the top destinations for SMS marketing in Southeast Asia.

In this piece, we’ll go over some key statistics that show why business owners should invest in SMS marketing in Thailand. In this way, we’ll examine the effects of proper SMS marketing strategy on a business’s success.

With that being said, let’s jump in!

Thailand Overview

While Thailand may not be an economic giant like its Asian neighbors to the East, it does offer a series of benefits for business owners looking to develop effective bulk SMS marketing strategies. Let’s take a look at some of these and see how they could potentially affect your business.

  • Smartphone Penetration: Currently, only 44.6% of all Thai citizens have a smartphone. While this smartphone penetration may seem low, businesses should be excited about the fact that the number is set to increase exponentially over the coming years. As an increasing number of individuals upgrade to smartphones, the prevalence and effectiveness of SMS marketing will increase. Of note to business owners is the fact that a majority of younger Thai individuals now own a smartphone, a statistic that looks to hold even more weight in the years to come.
  • Urban Development: The urban population of Thailand currently sits at just 49.2%. Despite this, this figure is growing at a rate of 1.8% per year. This means that the number will be well over 60% by the end of this decade, signaling an era of greater purchasing power and commercialism for Thai citizens. This means that the time is now to take advantage of SMS marketing space so that your business will be there when this increasing consumerism begins.
  • E-commerce Market: Thailand’s e-commerce market has been growing at a rate of 14.5% annually. This means that increasing numbers of Thai citizens are becoming engaged with online marketing and sales every year. For business owners, this means that there has never been a better time to engage in bulk SMS marketing in Thailand. As the market continues to grow, integration with SMS marketing campaigns will become easier and more effective.

The Bottom Line

Thailand represents one of Southeast Asia’s fastest developing economies. With an increasing push toward modernization and consumerism, the nation represents an optimal location for bulk SMS marketing. Simply put, the coming decade will signal a new era for Thai consumers, meaning that it’s more important than ever that businesses engage in effective SMS marketing practices to secure their market space and attract new customers.

With this in mind, there’s never been a better time to capitalize on the growth of Thai markets than today. Businesses that are looking to take their operations to the next step should keep this in mind as they craft their SMS marketing strategies moving forward.

How Bulk SMS Shapes Asia: South Korea

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Today, South Korea is one of the most digitally-advanced and technologically-diverse nations in Asia and the world at large. With an extremely urban population and a high rate of smartphone use, the nation is among the world’s hottest locations for SMS marketing.

Bulk SMS in Korea

In short, businesses that look to engage in bulk SMS marketing can expect a receptive market in South Korea. What’s more, these businesses can enjoy increased profits and a larger outreach by following these proven-effective marketing methods.

This piece will examine some key SMS marketing data as it relates to South Korea and analyzes how business owners can use this data to boost their bottom dollar. Understanding the information in this guide can help business owners take the first step to revolutionize their operations.

With this in mind, let’s dive right in!

South Korea Overview

There are a number of positives to engaging in SMS marketing in South Korea. As one of the most developed nations in Asia, the country boasts several amazing statistics when it comes to SMS advertising. Let’s go over a few of them:

  • Highest Smartphone Penetration in Asia: With over 71% of all South Koreans owning a smartphone (and approximately 88% of all Korean adults owning one), the country boasts the highest smartphone penetration rates in all of Asia. Even more impressive, the country sits at number four in the world in total penetration rates and number one in the adult penetration rate. This means that there’s literally nowhere better to start SMS marketing than South Korea. As one of the most connected nations on Earth, South Korea offers businesses an easier way to market and reach out to a wider audience. As smartphones often serve as the base of SMS marketing, South Korea’s impressive smartphone penetration rates should be a positive sign for business owners across a variety of sectors.
  • Urban Population: Nearly 83% of all Korean citizens live in urban areas, making the nation one of the most cosmopolitan on Earth. This makes the country one of the best places to do business. With the right SMS marketing campaign, businesses can take their operations to the next level by incorporating a wider demographic into their marketing schemes, thus ensuring greater profits.
  • E-commerce Development: As of 2019, around 59% of all South Korean citizens engage in some form of e-commerce activity. With the percentage only looking to increase over the coming years, the market is primed for integrated SMS marketing campaigns that allow businesses to more easily connect consumers to their websites.

The Bottom Line

Without a doubt, South Korea is one of the top markets for SMS marketing in all of Asia. With a strong digital infrastructure, the nation boasts a superior environment for businesses wishing to engage in SMS marketing. For this reason, those businesses that are looking to take their operations to the next level are encouraged to invest in SMS marketing campaigns in South Korea.

Looking to boost your bottom dollar? Consider starting your own South Korean SMS marketing campaign today!

How Bulk SMS Shapes Asia: Japan

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Japan is one of the most developed countries in Asia—and the entire world. With an impressive digital landscape and a highly-urban population, the nation marks a prime spot for SMS marketing. Businesses looking to take advantage of this effective advertising strategy can enjoy great success in the island nation.

Bulk SMS is Japan

For this reason, it’s important to understand the current state of SMS marketing in Japan. In this piece, we’ll dissect some key statistics regarding SMS marketing in Japan to gauge the effectiveness of this marketing technique for business owners looking to grow their businesses in Japan.

With this in mind, let’s jump right in!

Japan Overview

Japan has built a reputation as one of the most technically developed nations on the planet. As such, it should come as no surprise that the Land of the Rising Sun is one of the world’s prime locations for SMS marketing. As such, let’s take a few specific statistics to support this claim:

  • Smartphone Penetration: Unlike other nations, Japan was slow to embrace the smartphone wave. In fact, as of 2016, a full 56% of the Japanese population still embraced their “feature” flip phones. Despite this, recent reports show that a full 70% of Japanese youth have turned to smartphones, breaking with generations past. Not that it matters much, however; Japanese feature phones are highly compatible with SMS marketing, with full Internet functionality and other impressive features. This makes Japan one of the most connected nations in the world when it comes to cellular communication and (smart)phone penetration. For business owners, this means that there’s a prime market essentially waiting to be accessed.
  • Urban Population: Japan boasts one of the largest urban populations on the planet, with around 91.5% of the population living in urban areas. This means that the Japanese are well-adapted to modern conveniences and enjoy a relatively high cosmopolitan lifestyle. This makes Japan one of the top locations for SMS campaigns. To cap things off, the nation also boasts a high level of Internet connectivity and e-commerce consumerism, making it easier than ever for SMS marketers to integrate aspects of their online identity with more traditional text message options. To be specific, over 90% of Japanese individuals maintain Internet access, making it one of the most digitally-advanced nations in the world. This means, in essence, that SMS marketing offers businesses a better way to connect with consumers in Japan.

The Bottom Line

Japan has long held a reputation as a technologically-advanced and robust nation. With an incredible digital, online, and cellular infrastructure, the island country is one of the top nations in Asia and the world when it comes to SMS marketing our SMS Gateway services.

For this reason, business owners looking to take the next step would be wise to engage in targeted SMS marketing campaigns in Japan. By doing so, these businesses could expand their customer outreach, boost their profits, and better position themselves in the market. With that being said, it’s clear that bulk SMS marketing is the way to go, especially in the years to come.

How Bulk SMS Shapes Asia: China

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With the world’s highest population and some of its most impressive cities, China has a number of SMS marketing opportunities. This Asian powerhouse now boasts the world’s second-largest economy. Not to mention, it features a solidly-growing middle class eager to buy new items.

In this way, it comes as no surprise that China has become a competitive market for new businesses. Those looking to get ahead of the game have turned to SMS marketing to get a leg up on competitors.

Bulk SMS in China

With SMS marketing, businesses can reach a growing number of consumers making use of digital platforms. With the right approach, businesses can significantly increase their ROI and start making better returns in no time.

But understanding the success of SMS marketing in China requires a look at a number of factors. Consider the information below to better prepare your SMS campaign.

China: An Overview

There are several reasons why China has become a business hub. Importantly, this Asian powerhouse has also fully embraced the digital revolution and is home to some of the most modern cities on the planet.

With a population that’s increasingly looking toward the future, China proves to be especially receptive to SMS marketing. This proves true in part because of:

  • Huge Consumer Market

It goes without saying that one of the advantages of busting into the Chinese market is its size. With over a billion consumers, China’s market is the largest in the world—and if you can break into it, you’ll see an increase in your business.

  • Highest Number of Smartphone Users in the World

Of course, having a huge market alone is not enough. Even more importantly, much of the Chinese market owns a smartphone. In fact, there are more smartphone users in China than anywhere else in the world.

This speaks volumes for your potential success. By taking advantage of the Chinese market, you’ll have access to an unprecedented amount of bulk SMS opportunities. With nearly endless opportunities to increase your SMS list, you’ll be able to make an ROI like you never before thought possible.

  • Eager Customer Base

If you know anything about the Chinese market, it’s this: they’re frugal. Steeped in a culture that loves haggling and discounts, the Chinese populace is one that embraces any way to save money.

And that includes, for example, special promotions sent via bulk SMS. With many Chinese now finding the modern online payment and shopping methods, SMS can be a marketing tool that’s convenient for both you and your target audience.

In this way, SMS has become a large part of the digital advertising market in China, with many companies looking to capitalize on this huge potential.

The Bottom Line

The Chinese market is one that’s just waiting to be added to your SMS list. By doing so, you can expand your reach and potential. As noted by the reasons above, SMS proves to be one of the most effective marketing methods in China. By taking advantage of proper marketing, businesses can enjoy incredible returns by investing in the Chinese market.

How Bulk SMS Shapes Asia: Singapore

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The city-state of Singapore proves to be one of the most prosperous in the world. This proves great for businesses looking to reach a large new consumer base, and the city has become home to some of the most famed international brands.

If you’re looking to break into this market, you’re going to need a strong marketing solution. Through the use of SMS, you can get started connecting with more of the customers who are interested in your business.

Bulk SMS in Singapore

What contributes to the success of SMS marketing in Singapore? What do you need to know in order to successfully run your marketing campaign?

Check out the information below.

Singapore: An Overview

Several reasons exist as to why bulk SMS is so effective in Singapore. To understand why to consider the following information:

  • 100% Urban Environment

In Singapore, the latest shop is only a stone’s throw away. With the entire population living in an urban environment, Singapore has one of the most cosmopolitan populations in the world.

And this is a good thing for those who are looking to get into SMS marketing. With this marketing strategy, you’ll be able to take advantage of a population primed to shop. That’s right—Singapore has a modern population looking to take advantage of both physical and digital shopping opportunities.

And you better believe they love discounts, updates, and other news that you can bring through an effective SMS marketing campaign.

What’s more, you’ll want to use this marketing method to ensure that you’ve got the top of mind awareness that you need to stick out.

  • 84% Smartphone Usage

But do you have any guarantee that your marketing will actually work? Can you even be sure that you’ll be reaching your consumers?

With bulk SMS, you can.

How can we be so sure? Try this stat out for size: 84% of Singaporeans use a smartphone. That’s right—this means that you’ll literally have millions of citizens to choose from. Almost anyone who is able to do business with you will be able to be added to your bulk SMS list.

And if that’s not good for business—what is?

With the potential to add millions of new customers to your SMS list, you’ll be able to start a campaign that will bring you a real return on your investment. This makes Singapore an incredible location to launch an effective SMS campaign. With so much opportunity, you’ll be sure to start capitalizing in no time.

  • Thriving Business Opportunities

All of this means that you’ll start landing fabulous business opportunities. By effectively using SMS marketing or a Singapore SMS API gateway, you’ll be able to grow both your physical and your online businesses by taking advantage of the Singaporean market.

The Bottom Line

Singapore is known for its thriving metropolitan market. And if you’re looking to break into it, you’re going to need an effective marketing strategy.

By understanding how to use SMS marketing to your advantage, you can get a critical leg up on your competitors.

How Bulk SMS Shapes Asia: Malaysia

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With a growing urban and smartphone population, Malaysia is becoming increasingly receptive to SMS marketing. This bodes well for companies that are looking to capitalize on one of the most effective forms of digital marketing.

With SMS marketing, you can be sure to score great ROIs while marketing in Malaysia. In fact, for business owners in this prosperous Asian country, SMS can be a great new way to start capturing a larger percentage of their market share.

 Bulk SMS services

But what has led SMS to be so effective in Malaysia? And what should you know before you start your SMS marketing campaign?

Consider the following.

Malaysia: An Overview

A number of factors contribute to the success of SMS marketing in Malaysia. By understanding these factors, you can better prepare your SMS marketing campaign to meet the needs of your consumers.

Want to know more about the state of SMS marketing in Malaysia? Consider the information below.

  • High Urban Population

Nearly 75% of Malaysia lives in an urban environment—putting them in close proximity to different shops and brands. Whether you have a physical location or an online business, this helps ensure that customers stay motivated to shop with you.

By having convenient access to your shop, customers are more likely to make a purchase. And, if you’re connecting with them through SMS marketing, you can make sure that you’re always at the top of their mind.

In this way, you can start seeing tremendous ROIs with bulk SMS.

  • Strong Smartphone Usage

But a high urban population is not all that Malaysia has to offer. This Asian nation also boasts a high cellphone use rate—at nearly 50%.

Though this isn’t quite as high as some of its neighboring countries, it’s still among the highest in the world—putting you in a good position to run your SMS campaign.

The better news is that the younger generation is increasingly using cellphones and SMS. This means that you can expect your ROI to continually increase over time.

What’s more, by being able to make a name for yourself with SMS marketing early, you’ll be able to cement your brand’s reputation in the long run.

  • Prosperous, Peaceful Country

One of the most significant boosts to your SMS campaign comes from a factor that you might not consider at first: the peace and prosperity of the nation.

Malaysia’s content position has helped create a strong middle class. These consumers are perfect to target for any SMS campaign. What’s more, because of the factors discussed above, they are the perfect target audience.

The Bottom Line

Malaysia has a strong market for SMS marketing. By employing this digital marketing technique, you can start to see incredible returns on your investment.

What’s more, because much of the population has a cosmopolitan attitude—and lives in close proximity to urban centers—SMS marketing proves even more effective. And don’t forget—with much of the country using cellphones regularly, you can be sure that your target audience can receive your messages.

How Bulk SMS Shapes Asia: Hong Kong

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A roaring metropolis, Hong Kong is home to some of the most famous brands in the world. This sprawling city region boasts an incredibly urban population and what was once one of the healthiest economies in the world.

With a market dominated both by international brands and local bestsellers, Hong Kong is a businessman’s paradise.

Bulk SMS in HongKong

But if you’re hoping to take the Hong Kong market by storm, you’re going to need a little help from a great marketing strategy. Fortunately, with bulk SMS marketing, you can start to take advantage of this thriving business market.

But what is the current state of SMS marketing in Hong Kong? Let’s take a look below.

Hong Kong: An Overview

Hong Kong has one of the strongest SMS marketing populations in the world. But what contributes to the population’s high engagement with this marketing form? Consider the three reasons below:

  • Urban Population

As an urban metropolis, Hong Kong has one of the most cosmopolitan populations in the world. What’s more, it’s a major shopping hub located right next to mainland China—and it sees thousands of tourists across the border daily.

Because of its image as a shopping hub, Hong Kong has a population that’s well-versed with different marketing schemes. Always on the lookout for the right deals, the population proves highly receptive to SMS marketing.

  • High Smartphone Penetration

But that’s not all. No SMS marketing campaign can be successful without a high cellphone usage rate. Fortunately, nearly everyone in Hong Kong has access to a cellphone, with over 80% of the population using smart phones.

This equates to nearly six million smartphone users. That’s right—in this one city alone, you can find up to six million people who can take part in your SMS marketing campaign.

With these numbers, it’s not difficult to imagine why SMS marketing is so effective in Hong Kong. And as the population continues to modernize, experts only predict that this number will continue to grow.

  • Established Presence

But that’s not all that SMS marketing in Hong Kong has going for it. Additionally, SMS marketing has enjoyed a long-standing presence in the community. Unlike other countries where much of the population is just now getting equipped to handle SMS marketing, Hong Kong has been technology adept for a while.

Because of this, many SMS marketing companies already exist throughout the city. This speaks to both the popularity and the perceived utility of the practice. It also means that ou should start adding SMS to your digital marketing campaign in Hong Kong. By doing so, you can help stay afloat by using one of the most effective marketing techniques around.

The Bottom Line

One of the most modern urban centers in the world, Hong Kong proves to be one of the best markets for SMS marketing. With a large population of smartphone users, Hong Kong stays connected with digital marketing strategies.

By incorporating SMS marketing into your digital marketing campaign in Hong Kong, you can expect bigger and better returns.

Bulk SMS in Eastern Europe and How It’s Shaping Retail: Poland

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For businesses that look to take advantage of bulk SMS marketing, Poland offers a prime Eastern European location. The nation, which enjoys high amounts of digital infrastructure and modernization, has witnessed extensive growth over the last few years and is only projected to grow more in the future.

Bulk SMS Services in Poland

As such, it’s important that business owners act now to take advantage of these positive trends and maximize their growth. In this piece, we’ll take a look at a few key SMS statistics regarding Poland to see why it should be considered a hotspot for SMS marketing in Eastern Europe.

Let’s dive in!

Poland Overview

When it comes to SMS marketing, Poland may be surprising. This is because the country offers one of the best locations for SMS marketing in Eastern Europe. With an existing infrastructure that’s much stronger than many surrounding countries and with continued room for growth in the years to come, the nation provides business owners with a market ample for profits.

With this in mind, let’s take a look at some important data:

  • High Smartphone Penetration: With a smartphone penetration rate of 66.5%, Poland is not only one of the highest-ranked Eastern European nations in this category, but rests at number twenty worldwide in terms of smartphone usage. In short, an overwhelming majority of Polish individuals own a smartphone—and this number looks to increase in the coming years. As smartphones become more accessible and the youth population increases, smartphone penetration rates will only go up. This means that existing infrastructure is already in place for business owners looking to capitalize on the digital landscape and maximize their profits.
  • E-commerce: As of 2019, 64.1% of all Polish individuals engage in some sort of e-commerce. This means that the country is a prime location for SMS marketing activities. This is especially true considering that the rate of individuals engaged in e-commerce looks to increase to 66.8% over the next few years. This means that the Polish market is essentially primed for growth—and SMS. With such continued growth on the horizon, it’s crucial that business owners take advantage of SMS as soon as possible to maximize their chances of profiting off the current landscape and gaining a head start on their competition.

The Bottom Line

It’s clear that Poland makes one of the best markets for SMS advertising in all of Eastern Europe. With a high rate of smartphone penetration, a large urban population, and high rates of e-commerce consumption, the nation boasts incredible opportunity for business owners looking to take the next step.

Already, SMS marketing has helped shape the state of retail in Poland. As more and more individuals turn to smartphones and e-commerce over the coming years, SMS marketing looks to play an even bigger role in shaping the way Polish consumers shop.

For this reason, the time is now for business owners to begin investing in smart SMS marketing campaigns. With the Polish market primed and ready to go, business owners looking to take that first step have a bright path ahead of them.