How Bulk SMS Shapes Asia: China

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With the world’s highest population and some of its most impressive cities, China has a number of SMS marketing opportunities. This Asian powerhouse now boasts the world’s second-largest economy. Not to mention, it features a solidly-growing middle class eager to buy new items.

In this way, it comes as no surprise that China has become a competitive market for new businesses. Those looking to get ahead of the game have turned to SMS marketing to get a leg up on competitors.

Bulk SMS in China

With SMS marketing, businesses can reach a growing number of consumers making use of digital platforms. With the right approach, businesses can significantly increase their ROI and start making better returns in no time.

But understanding the success of SMS marketing in China requires a look at a number of factors. Consider the information below to better prepare your SMS campaign.

China: An Overview

There are several reasons why China has become a business hub. Importantly, this Asian powerhouse has also fully embraced the digital revolution and is home to some of the most modern cities on the planet.

With a population that’s increasingly looking toward the future, China proves to be especially receptive to SMS marketing. This proves true in part because of:

  • Huge Consumer Market

It goes without saying that one of the advantages of busting into the Chinese market is its size. With over a billion consumers, China’s market is the largest in the world—and if you can break into it, you’ll see an increase in your business.

  • Highest Number of Smartphone Users in the World

Of course, having a huge market alone is not enough. Even more importantly, much of the Chinese market owns a smartphone. In fact, there are more smartphone users in China than anywhere else in the world.

This speaks volumes for your potential success. By taking advantage of the Chinese market, you’ll have access to an unprecedented amount of bulk SMS opportunities. With nearly endless opportunities to increase your SMS list, you’ll be able to make an ROI like you never before thought possible.

  • Eager Customer Base

If you know anything about the Chinese market, it’s this: they’re frugal. Steeped in a culture that loves haggling and discounts, the Chinese populace is one that embraces any way to save money.

And that includes, for example, special promotions sent via bulk SMS. With many Chinese now finding the modern online payment and shopping methods, SMS can be a marketing tool that’s convenient for both you and your target audience.

In this way, SMS has become a large part of the digital advertising market in China, with many companies looking to capitalize on this huge potential.

The Bottom Line

The Chinese market is one that’s just waiting to be added to your SMS list. By doing so, you can expand your reach and potential. As noted by the reasons above, SMS proves to be one of the most effective marketing methods in China. By taking advantage of proper marketing, businesses can enjoy incredible returns by investing in the Chinese market.