Firmao: Streamlining Business with CRM, Tasks, and Invoicing

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Optimizing business operations is the key to success. By streamlining processes, improving efficiency and increasing productivity, companies can increase their profits and competitiveness. Modern technology is developing at a very fast pace, is there anything that can help companies with just such optimization? CRM system is the answer. It, in addition to helping build relationships with customers, increase sales, and also improve customer service. An example of such a system is Firmao CRM.


What is Firmao?

Firmao CRM is a comprehensive all-in-one, cloud-based tool designed to manage all departments of a company, from marketing to sales to after-sales and service. It is dedicated to small and medium-sized manufacturing, sales, service and trading companies, and thanks to its modular design, it provides a unique ability to quickly and easily adapt to the specific needs of each company. Firmao can be easily integrated with more than a thousand external IT systems. One such integration is the ability to connect the tool with Firmao. In this way, we can integrate them through the Zapier platform and automatically transfer the necessary information between these applications.


Advantages of CRM systems

  • Centralized view of customer data: CRM systems centralize customer data such as contact information, purchase history, preferences and more. This makes it easier for employees to access customer information and ensures that all customer information is recorded and stored in one place.


  • Process automation: They can automate many customer service-related processes, such as answering customer inquiries, sending reminders and generating reports. This can help employees perform their tasks more efficiently and improve customer service effectiveness.


  • Reports and analysis: Furthermore, they offer a wide range of reports and analysis that can help companies understand their customers and their behavior. This information can be used to improve marketing and sales strategies.


  • Relationship management with potential customers and business partners: CRM systems can also help companies identify potential customers, track sales progress and generate leads.

Invoices in the CRM system

An extremely important benefit of integrating invoices into the CRM system is the shortening of the payment cycle. Employees servicing customers have immediate access to information about overdue payments, which enables effective collection actions. This in turn translates into an improvement in the company’s liquidity. It is also worth noting that invoices in the CRM system facilitate consistency in communication with customers. Thanks to the centralization of data, the customer service team has access to current information on transactions, purchase history or special business terms. This, in turn, enables a more personalized and efficient approach to customers, increasing their satisfaction.

Invoicing strategies that can help companies make the invoicing process more efficient:

  • Invoice automation: Automating invoicing can significantly speed up the invoicing process and reduce the risk of mistakes.


  • Timely invoicing: Timely invoicing increases the likelihood that customers will pay on time.

Task management

CRM systems offer a range of features that make it easier to create, assign, monitor and track the progress of tasks. They allow more efficient use of time and resources, as well as improved communication and cooperation among employees. Well-organized task management allows employees to focus on the most important ones, avoid downtime and complete projects on time.

The basic functions of CRM systems for task management include:

  • Task creation: The CRM system makes it easy to create new tasks. You can specify a task title, description, start date, end date, priority, and assign the task to a specific employee.


  • Assigning tasks: This feature grants effortless control over task assignments to designated employees, streamlining responsibility for task completion.


  • Progress monitoring: Monitoring task progress provides insights into its status, indicating whether it’s on schedule, requires additional attention, or has already been successfully concluded.


  • Task history tracking:The system enables meticulous tracking of task history, revealing modifications made to tasks, identifying responsible parties for each step, and displaying completion dates.


  • Collaboration: The CRM system can allow collaboration between employees on a task. This makes it easy to share information and opinions, and work together to solve problems.


  • Automation: Leveraging automation capabilities, the CRM system streamlines specific tasks such as deadline reminders, report generation, and email dispatch. This efficiency enhancement allows users to save time and redirect focus towards more valuable activities.


This article provides a comprehensive overview of Firmao, a business management software that can help businesses of all sizes optimize their operations.

Firmao’s task management module enables businesses to effortlessly organize, assign, and track tasks, ensuring seamless collaboration and enhanced productivity. The platform’s CRM capabilities provide a centralized hub for managing customer interactions, fostering stronger relationships and driving growth.

By adopting Firmao, businesses can streamline operations, optimize customer interactions, and implement robust invoicing practices, ultimately propelling their journey towards sustainable growth and success.