Blog introduces HLR Number Verification

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Continuing our mission to create a complete omni channel business communication platform we are releasing our new feature the HLR Number Verification/Lookup

This feature is accessible from your web dashboard.

What is HLR Number Lookup?

With the HLR Lookup you can determine if a number is valid, invalid, inactive or has been ported. This lookup can also help you define the home network of a mobile subscriber as well as the roaming network if the mobile number is in another country than its country code.

The service is very useful for data sanitation by removing mobile numbers no longer active as well as minimisation of the SMS Marketing/Billing. Many carriers charge per attempt and by removing inactive numbers can provide considerable savings in the long run.

Another benefit is to identify the carrier of each mobile number you can optimise delivery on a pay per carrier billing model and again reduce costs.


How do I get started?

The feature is seamlesly integrated in our web platform, login in your account, and you can verify a Single Number, Paste a List, or verify a list from your List Manager.