7 Bulk SMS Campaign Ideas for a Retail Business

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Retail businesses have started to feel the impacts of technologies on their business models in recent years. Embracing technologies and augmenting current customer relationships and marketing efforts become more important as young and tech-savvy customers start increasing their purchasing power.

This particular clients’ behavior requires most businesses to convey messages all across many different channels as clients wanted to be informed about their favorite special deals and store and also offers made available to them through their medium of choices.

The following are campaign ideas that retail business owners can follow:

  1. Customer Returns, Refund Offers, and More 

You can make use of SMS marketing in communicating with clients regarding refunds, repairs and product returns. These kinds of situations can result in massive amounts of customer frustration and satisfaction. However, with SMS marketing, you can keep your clients informed and can also manage their expectations.

  1. SMS Marketing Linked to Email Marketing

Your SMS marketing strategies can be linked to your email marketing. Your retail business can send out SMS to clients and remind them about your retail business’s email newsletters.

  1. Limited Time Offers 

Combining real-time messaging with limited-time offers are proven an excellent way of increasing urgency and business sales. This also adds a personal touch that makes clients feel more special that they can score the best offers and deals.

  1. The Two-Way System 

SMS can provide you with a two-way system making it convenient for clients to opt for market programs and purchase services and products.

  1. Loyalty Programs 

Setting up SMS loyalty programs allow your customers and members to get exclusive offers and then text them regarding new products to be released or give your customers the first options on pre-orders. This will surely entice customers and will keep them coming back.

  1. Sale and Special Offers

You can make use of SMS in driving special offers and sales offered by your retail store particularly when it is aimed at a shorter period. Offers must include a compelling call to action and one message such as a particular brand or item. SMS marketing is essentially proven to get greater responses when offers are time sensitive where an average response to SMS retail promotions five times higher than the online advertising.

  1. Coupons Via SMS

 This is a great strategy to connect clients with your target marketing messages and make sure that these are being read. With SMS, you can also include rich media to promote your products to the entire customer base.

As you can see, the retail business and SMS is the perfect match. If you can incorporate the SMS mentioned above campaign idea the proper and strategic way, can create a product or brand awareness, boost sales and enhance customer retention and can turn a profit to both big and small retail business. With the help of these ideas, you can now have the confidence that your message can reach your audience. Overall, the implementation of these abovementioned SMS campaign ideas for a retail business can benefit your retail business in many ways.