The Effectiveness of Bulk SMS for Election Campaigns

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The benefits of SMS for business are no secret. But one of its most useful applications is one that many probably haven’t heard of: election campaigns.

That’s right—bulk SMS has proven to be an effective means of campaigning for a number of politicians. In fact, even in the last US election, both President Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton made widespread use of bulk SMS to further their campaigns.

SMS election campaign.

Below, we’ll examine the utility of bulk SMS for election campaigns, focusing on its utility in past election cycles.

Bulk SMS in the 2016 US Presidential Election

SMS marketing played a large role in the 2016 US Presidential Election. Compare how both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton used SMS to reach their voters.

Donald Trump

The winner of the US Presidential Election, Trump may be argued to have had the better SMS strategy of the two. A look at the two candidates’ approaches reveals that Trump did use his SMS a bit differently than Hillary.

Could these differences have helped him get elected? It’s possible.

Perhaps one of the largest differences between the two candidates is that Trump made more creative use of MMS. In fact, Trump became the first politician ever to send an MMS video to his voters—something that Hillary would never do.

In doing so, Trump was able to tie in his long-standing Trump brand into his election campaign. A branding master, Donald Trump perfectly utilized his SMS campaign to get contributions and donations from his supporters.

Even more importantly, Trump still maintains an active campaign and has done so throughout his presidency, helping him stay connected to his voters while in office. This unprecedented strategy is expected to give the President a boost in the 2020 election, as he has made sure to stay on the campaign trail for a number of years.

Hillary Clinton

Hillary also made use of a far-reaching SMS campaign, and though she didn’t win the election, she did manage to win the popular vote. This speaks to the utility of her approach.

Unlike Trump, however, she did not make use of MMS video, though she did make pictures a part of her campaign. Additionally, studies have shown that she tried for a more casual style and way of reaching her voters.

Neither candidate was the first to make use of SMS in an election. For example, former US President Barack Obama had a comprehensive campaign that made use of SMS to his ultimate advantage.

With SMS an increasingly popular option for elections, it would benefit all politicians to invest in a robust SMS marketing strategy. With a great SMS campaign, politicians can stay better connected to their constituents and potential voters.

What’s more, as SMS continues to evolve, these leaders will need to stay on top of current trends. By missing out on the latest innovations, they can find themselves down when compared to their competitors. For this reason, be sure to make use of the latest-and-greatest in SMS technology as you prepare your election campaign.