Bulk SMS in the UK

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Bulk SMS has become an important part of marketing strategies for many retailers in the UK. With a growing number of mobile phone users, the country has a growing SMS market.

Those looking to maximize their business in the UK should capitalize on this expanding bulk SMS market. With a high number of cellphone users and a sprawling urban environment, the UK has become a hot market for those looking to conduct bulk SMS marketing.

Bulk SMS in the UK

In fact, bulk SMS has made its way through several different sections of the UK market. Join us below as we take a look at how SMS has affected the UK and then look at just why SMS has proven so effective.

SMS Uses in the UK

Sow, how is SMS being used in the UK?

How about in just about every way imaginable. That’s right, businesses of all types in the UK have come to understand the importance of SMS marketing to their profits.


Retailers in the UK have discovered the important benefits of SMS marketing. From showcasing new, hot deals to keeping in touch with customers, retailers make use of SMS marketing to maintain their top of mind awareness.

Loan Providers

Does someone owe you a payment? Do you need to remind them of their upcoming obligations? If so, join other lenders in the UK who make use of SMS marketing to keep their customers on track.

With SMS marketing, you can help ensure that your payments come in on time—allowing your business to run even more smoothly.

Medical Providers

Are you a general practitioner? Do you need an effective way to remind your patients of their upcoming appointments?

Make SMS marketing your option of choice.

Like thousands of other practices across the UK, you can start using SMS marketing to better connect with your patients.

But why, exactly, has bulk SMS become so effective in the UK? Consider the following reasons below.

The Rise of Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS has become an effective means for marketing in the UK for several reasons. These reasons include:

  • High Smartphone Penetration Rate—The UK currently enjoys a smartphone penetration rate of over 70%. This is an increase of almost 50% when compared to figures just eight short years ago. This meteoric rise has made SMS a much more effective marketing means in the nation. With so many individuals now having access not just to cellphones, but smartphones as well, SMS has become increasingly effective.
  • Modern Population—What’s more, the UK enjoys a high urban population rate. These individuals generally stay more technologically-connected and up-to-date with the latest trends—such as SMS marketing. This has helped SMS become a bigger player in the UK market than other forms of marketing.

The Bottom Line

SMS in the UK has become a common and powerfully effective way to market. With businesses of all types and sizes now realizing the power of SMS marketing, it’s come to be a major player across a variety of industries. No matter what field your business is in, it’s time to consider using SMS marketing to get ahead in the UK.