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Flash SMSSpeed of messaging communication and privacy is becoming the norm. With the new data protection regulations established all over Europe and the world, secure options and confidentiality become a standard globally for enterprises.

As one of the leading messaging providers, we adhere to the call of enhanced privacy and security.

Our platform introduces the FlashSMS feature for both our Web and API. This means that each sender now has the option to deliver the SMS content securely and blazing fast.

FlashSMS helps users avoid leaking of confidential information on the customer’s side being stolen like OTP / 2FA / Time-limited access codes, logins, passwords, etc.  since unnecessary storage of information is no longer needed on every side of the communication chain.

What is FlashSMS?

FlashSMS is a type of SMS that appears directly on the main screen of the mobile handheld device without any user interaction and is not saved in the inbox. This feature is considered an additional functionality for standard SMS delivery. It’s designed to immediately catch the recipient’s attention and mostly used to deliver sensitive and time-critical messages.

Often times used for sending One Time Passwords, Pin-codes, credit card information, information related to legal matters, or emergency messages that need to be seen right away by the intended recipient.

Our beta testers have recently successfully tested this type of communication for OTP and marketing messages as well.

Learn how to enable this feature by clicking on this link.

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