How Airlines Use SMS Notifications and Marketing in Their Business

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The impact of SMS marketing on the airline industry has increased in certain years, with several airlines turning to the strategy to reach wider demographics and build stronger relationships with their consumers. Unlike marketing strategies of the past, which largely targeted consumer emails, bulk SMS notifications allow airlines to target the specific needs and desires of consumers in a quick and highly-effective way.

With certain research indicating that around only 2% of text messages go unread, SMS marketing offers airlines with the perfect strategy for reaching out to willing customers. Let’s take a look at a few specific ways that airlines use SMS notifications and marketing to increase their business.

  • Offer Deals

Sever airlines have capitalized on the ease of SMS marketing to offer exclusive deals to consumers. This means offering consumers discounted tickets for flights that did not sell out or cheaper rates for certain seats. By offering these discounts through SMS, airlines are increasing their consumer interaction and raising awareness of their brands.

  • Reward Customers

Perhaps most importantly, however, airlines are using SMS marketing to reward loyal customers. Major companies are now offering loyal passengers with first cracks at upgraded seating, exclusive vouchers, discounted prices, and more.

For customers who frequently fly with a certain airline, SMS “rewards” are becoming another reason to stay loyal to their favorite brands. What’s more, for customers who do not fly with a particular brand, these types of rewards may serve as the impetus for brand loyalty.

This means that airlines wishing to promote loyalty formation amongst customers may use SMS marketing as a primary tool. With such heavy implications on the line, it’s no wonder that more and more airlines are turning to bulk SMS to effectively market to wider demographics.

  • Provide Flight Information

Airlines also have a more pragmatic reason for offering bulk SMS opt-ins for their customers. Increasingly, customers who elect to receive SMS notifications from their airline of choice are receiving valuable information about their upcoming flights.

Specifically, airlines are using these notifications to alert customers of changes in their flight schedules or information. This means that airlines now have a quicker way to notify passengers of any potential delays or influential weather conditions.

This, too, has the power to strengthen customer loyalty and perhaps play a role in the brand formation. With bulk SMS, airlines can now give consumers the immediate impression that they care about them and their scheduled trips.

By preemptively showing concern, airlines can sympathize with their customers and reassure them that everything will be okay. In this way, bulk SMS is providing airlines with an effective way to reach out and subtly market with its consumers.

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