Bulk SMS in Eastern Europe and How It’s Shaping Retail: Poland

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For businesses that look to take advantage of bulk SMS marketing, Poland offers a prime Eastern European location. The nation, which enjoys high amounts of digital infrastructure and modernization, has witnessed extensive growth over the last few years and is only projected to grow more in the future.

Bulk SMS Services in Poland

As such, it’s important that business owners act now to take advantage of these positive trends and maximize their growth. In this piece, we’ll take a look at a few key SMS statistics regarding Poland to see why it should be considered a hotspot for SMS marketing in Eastern Europe.

Let’s dive in!

Poland Overview

When it comes to SMS marketing, Poland may be surprising. This is because the country offers one of the best locations for SMS marketing in Eastern Europe. With an existing infrastructure that’s much stronger than many surrounding countries and with continued room for growth in the years to come, the nation provides business owners with a market ample for profits.

With this in mind, let’s take a look at some important data:

  • High Smartphone Penetration: With a smartphone penetration rate of 66.5%, Poland is not only one of the highest-ranked Eastern European nations in this category, but rests at number twenty worldwide in terms of smartphone usage. In short, an overwhelming majority of Polish individuals own a smartphone—and this number looks to increase in the coming years. As smartphones become more accessible and the youth population increases, smartphone penetration rates will only go up. This means that existing infrastructure is already in place for business owners looking to capitalize on the digital landscape and maximize their profits.
  • E-commerce: As of 2019, 64.1% of all Polish individuals engage in some sort of e-commerce. This means that the country is a prime location for SMS marketing activities. This is especially true considering that the rate of individuals engaged in e-commerce looks to increase to 66.8% over the next few years. This means that the Polish market is essentially primed for growth—and SMS. With such continued growth on the horizon, it’s crucial that business owners take advantage of SMS as soon as possible to maximize their chances of profiting off the current landscape and gaining a head start on their competition.

The Bottom Line

It’s clear that Poland makes one of the best markets for SMS advertising in all of Eastern Europe. With a high rate of smartphone penetration, a large urban population, and high rates of e-commerce consumption, the nation boasts incredible opportunity for business owners looking to take the next step.

Already, SMS marketing has helped shape the state of retail in Poland. As more and more individuals turn to smartphones and e-commerce over the coming years, SMS marketing looks to play an even bigger role in shaping the way Polish consumers shop.

For this reason, the time is now for business owners to begin investing in smart SMS marketing campaigns. With the Polish market primed and ready to go, business owners looking to take that first step have a bright path ahead of them.