7 Creative SMS Marketing Ideas for Travel Agencies

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These days, everyone is taking advantage of SMS marketing. This means that you should, too. If you are the owner of a travel agency, it’s time to see what creative SMS marketing strategies you can employ to grow your business and strengthen customer relationships.

Marketing Ideas for Travel Agencies

In this post, we’ll cover seven of the most creative SMS marketing ideas for travel agencies. Let’s start!

  • Provide Real-Time Updates

Customers hate delays, and while an SMS alert won’t change the situation, it can help consumers prepare for them. For this reason, travel agencies should consider sending out targeted SMS alerts that give consumers real-time updates on a variety of travel information such as delays and flight change information.

Doing so, companies can begin to foster a sense of oneness with their customers and be seen as more reliable and trusted from a consumer standpoint.

  • Ask Customers to Take Surveys

Want to know how effective your marketing strategy is? Don’t be afraid to ask consumers to complete a survey. Surveys can provide you with great data that can be used to modify your marketing strategies and increase their effectiveness.

For this reason, use a survey tool and send out customer surveys that ask consumers to rate their experience. By sending alerts directly to consumer phones, you are increasing the likelihood that customers will actually complete the survey—thus giving you more data.

  • Confirm Travel Bookings

Customers want to know that their trips are in order. This means that travel companies could seriously benefit from sending out SMS alerts that confirm consumer travel bookings. With this information, consumers can be confident that their trips are going according to plan.

What’s more, consumers can more easily check their text messages than their emails. This means that confirming travel bookings through SMS allows agencies to streamline the customer experience and provide better customer service.

  • Update Customers on Seat Availability

Unless a plane fills up, there’s likely to be some variability when it comes to flight seating. This means that travel agencies can send pointed alerts to consumers whenever a seat opens up or when upgrades become available.

Consumers are always looking for that seating upgrade. This means that by sending SMS texts that keep customers in the loop, you increase the chance of securing more customers and growing your profits.

  • Offer Discounts and Vouchers

SMS provides travel agencies with the perfect way to offer discounts and vouchers. Advertising a particular hotel, flight, or rental? Let customers know through SMS! Have free vouchers that allow customers access to airport amenities? Let them know that too!

  • Advertise New Destinations

Travel agencies can also advertise changes in their services through SMS. That new destination you just added to your list? You can let customers know that you now service those areas. By doing so, you increase the likelihood of securing more business.

  • Provide Customers with Weather Updates

Customers like to know that you care. For this reason, provide them with valuable weather updates concerning their destination. For example, if they are headed to Korea, let them know that the temperature is currently 10 degrees and that they should bring a heavy coat.

By following these marketing tips, you can greatly expand business for your travel agency. With, you can grow your marketing campaign and your profits—today!