Bulk SMS in Africa: How SMS Is Shaping Up in Ethiopia

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Ethiopia’s strategic location makes it a regional powerhouse. And with approximately 20% of the population now living in urban areas, the country continues to use its location to increase its overall development.


Because of this, there are now more business opportunities than ever in the country. Even more importantly, however, is that this growing population has put more money in the hands of Ethiopians. In turn, this has led them to embrace new-age technology—such as smartphones.

Due to this, Ethiopia is on the cusp of its own digital revolution—and business owners and marketers should take note. Under these conditions, bulk SMS has become an increasingly important form of marketing in the nation, and it just might help your business, too, if you’re looking to open shop in Ethiopia.

For these reasons, check out the following information relating to the state of SMS marketing in Ethiopia.

Ethiopia: An Overview

Though much of Africa continues to lag behind when it comes to digital development, Ethiopia is looking to be a trailblazer in its region. Because of its proximity to a number of trading areas, Ethiopia enjoys a robust population. Additionally, businesses make use of SMS marketing for all of the following reasons:

  • The Country Continues to Digitize

Though Africa is one of the last continents to feel the effects of the digital revolution, one may now say that it’s in full swing in Ethiopia.

Already, the country is one of the highest-rated in Africa in terms of smartphone penetration. In fact, some studies show that it’s ranked thirty-second overall in the world.

From this, it’s easy to tell that Ethiopia is looking to digitize. This participation in the digital revolution has helped make Ethiopia one of the most prosperous and business-friendly countries in the region.

  • The Population Is Becoming More Modern

All of this means, too, that the population is becoming more modern. As they continue to accept new modern trends and take advantage of them, businesses are now seeing a boost in the number of overall customers they can reach.

What’s more, it’s also likely that these same customers are more likely to reply or respond, as they’ve become connected through a number of new digital avenues—of which SMS marketing should be included.

  • It’s Becoming Increasingly Effective

All of this works to make SMS marketing in the region increasingly effective. With a growing number of citizens using smartphones, and with a growing urban population, Ethiopia is becoming a great country for businesses to target with their bulk SMS marketing

With the proper SMS marketing tactics, businesses in Ethiopia can start to see an upswing in their overall profits and in their customer participation rates.

The Bottom Line

Due to a number of factors, Ethiopia is becoming a receptive recipient of SMS marketing. With a growing number of the population now connected with smartphones, this popular form of marketing is more effective than ever.

For this reason, it’s becoming used by a growing number of businesses that are looking to capitalize on its effects. If you’re looking to boost your business in Ethiopia, consider adding this great technique to your marketing strategy.