5 SMS Marketing Tips for Insurance Companies

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Advancements in mobile technology have made SMS marketing a prime tool for a variety of companies and industries. Fortunately for you, the insurance industry is no exception. In fact, many insurance executives are turning to SMS marketing to provide their customers with a better experience—and thus grow profits.

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For this reason, let’s take a look at 5 clever SMS marketing tips for insurance companies and see how they can be used to grow your business.

  • Remind Customer of Policy Expiries

Want to be at the forefront of your customers’ minds? Then show them you care. With SMS alerts, you can send automated notifications to customers when their policies are set to expire. This will bring the future expiry date to the forefront of your customers’ minds and make them more likely to resign with your company.

  • Include Linkbacks in Messages

Businesses that include linkbacks in their SMS messages can generate heavier traffic to their website. This means that this highly-effective SMS strategy could see a stronger influx of potential customers to your homepage.

With the right links, you can send customers directly to landing pages where they can purchase your goods, read about your policies, or even find out valuable contact information for your business.

Using linkbacks is a great way to get customers involved with your business and with your website. For this reason, make sure to include linkbacks whenever possible in your SMS alerts.

  • Advertise Special Offers

Insurance companies can also use SMS notifications to advertise their special offers. If you have any deals, coupons, offers, or exclusives, make sure you let your customers know through SMS alerts. This is a great cost-effective way to market your services and drive more individuals to your business.

By bringing your marketing campaign to your consumers’ phones, you are setting yourself up for higher clicks and greater conversions on those special offers. This means more profit for you and greater loyalty from your consumers.

  • Remind Customers of Payment Dates

You can also use SMS alerts to remind customers of upcoming payment dates. Your customers will appreciate the information, especially if you send reminders a few days in advance. This will help you keep your customers’ payments on time and will also ensure that you build stronger brand loyalty with consumers.

The great thing about SMS? It offers amazing flexibility. You can offer daily reminders or simply send a one-time message—it’s really up to you.

  • Don’t Spam Your customers

With this in mind, remember that you shouldn’t spam your consumers. While insurance companies can use SMS alerts to their (significant) advantage, it’s important to keep in mind that customers don’t want their phones blown up every few days. Try and keep your SMS alerts to a minimum and only to important notifications and offers.

In doing so, you can keep yourself at the forefront of your consumers’ minds without making them feel overburdened or pressured to buy into your services. It goes without saying overselling your products and services could actually lead customers to opt out of your SMS campaign.