What is Transactional SMS and Why Does it Matter?

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Transactional SMS refers to text message alerts that are sent the moment a customer makes a transaction or purchase. Unlike other forms of SMS, which are typically geared toward marketing, transactional SMS seeks to provide customers with immediate service following a customer-initiated event.

Transactional SMS

What falls under the category of SMS? It’s simple. Say a customer places an order from your business. Transactional SMS would involve you sending that customer order confirmation details through text. If you run an eCommerce business, you may also send out transactional SMS in regards to the shipping and delivery information of the ordered product.

As you can see, transactional SMS refers simply to alerts that are sent following customer transactions. Typically speaking, transactional SMS is important for a variety of reasons.

For starters, it offers customers with an immediate (or at the very least timely) response to their purchases and gives businesses a chance for a quick follow up. This means leaving your customers with a good first impression. For businesses seeking a leg up in the market, it’s important to maximize customer engagement and enhance their business experience. Transactional SMS allows you to do just that.

Think about it this way: unlike other forms of SMS marketing, transactional SMS is triggered upon individual purchases or inquiries. This means that customers and businesses can enjoy some “one-on-one” time with each other. Simply put, the customer who makes a particular transaction will be the only one making that transaction. That gives your transactional SMS alert a more personal edge.

This leads us to the primary benefit of transactional SMS—a closer relationship with your consumer. If your consumer receives personalized alerts from your business, he or she will feel more involved with your company and your brand.

This means higher intentions to purchase from your brand and an overall better sense of brand loyalty. While transactional SMS alerts are not specifically designed for marketing, their overall net effect can be the same. In fact, transactional SMS has consistently been proven to increase the likelihood of repeat sales.

For businesses looking for a cheap and effective advertising campaign, transactional SMS is the way to go. Transactional SMS can be used in addition to your regular SMS policy to provide a more well-rounded customer experience. What’s more, this SMS has proven better at relaying important information to customers—only 22% of whom check their emails.

This means that you should consider transactional SMS for your business. By doing so, you could be setting yourself up for increased customer engagement, stronger brand loyalty, and increased sales. In an era of fierce competition, this strategy could prove to be the tool you need to succeed in the market. provides quality transactional SMS services to interested clients. These services can be used to boost business and to facilitate a stronger connection between you and your clients. Consider using—and transactional SMS—if you are looking for a way to bond with your customers and grow your profit margins.