Viber Messenger and Why It’s Quickly Shaping into an Important Business Channel

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Are you ready to find out why businesses around the world are turning to Viber Messenger? In this post, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about this increasingly-popular social app and find out why it’s become one of the most important business channels of 2019.

Viber Messenger and Why It’s Quickly Shaping into an Important Business Channel

In general, Viber Messenger is increasingly favored by businesses because of its high popularity, ease of use with customers, high levels of encryption, and ability to promote brands. Let’s take a look at each of these points, in turn, to see what Viber Messenger can do for your business.

  • Volume of Users

Businesses love Viber because it’s popular. Simply put, having more people means more marketing opportunities—and Viber’s got plenty of people. According to the app’s official website, the service has over one billion unique users worldwide.

Needless to say, not many apps can say that.

What’s more, with over seven million interactions every minute the app is one of the most widely used and popular in the world. It’s no wonder, then, that businesses have turned to Viber as a prime marketing source.

It’s this simple: Viber offers a massive and diverse client base that businesses can use to their marketing advantage.

  • Instant Communication with the Customer

Additionally, Viber offers instant communication with customers. Because of the app’s instant messaging nature, businesses can now connect with customers at record rates. This means that customer service has never been easier. Brands like Coca-Cola and Shakira have already partnered with Viber to offer high-level customer service and gain quicker feedback from their fans.

With this instant communication comes better marketing opportunities, as well. Brands are now able to direct concerned customers to their webpages and generate traffic to their websites. This makes Viber a superior marketing option.

  • Encryption

Viber advertises high-end encryption that’s designed to keep business and personal data safe. For this reason, it’s become an increasingly popular option for brands that wish to keep their data private. With top-level security, the app ensures a seamless business experience.

For the consumer, Viber allows for a convenient way to interact with established brands without fear of data breaches. For this reason, an increasing number of businesses and consumers look to partner with Viber in the years to come.

  • Create Accounts to Promote Your Brand

In the past, Viber allowed for Profile Accounts that could be used to promote brands. Now the app is working on Communities that will allow brands to get their stories out there and interact with a wide base of consumers.

This makes Viber an attractive landing spot for business for several reasons. For starters, brands now have the ability to market to a wide demographic for low rates. On top of this, they can see their consumers’ feedback in real time, ensuring effective changes can be made to their marketing strategies when necessary.

As you can see, Viber looks to play a major role in business in the coming years. Due to its ease, security, and marketing opportunities, the service is quickly becoming one of the hottest social apps for business in the world.