Create Automations with and Zapier

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Today we are officially launching our Zapier Integration.

For those who don’t know Zapier, they allow you to create complicated workflows and automated flows with triggers and actions between thousands of Apps and Platforms like 

Zapier offers integrations with over 2000 Apps and Platforms like popular CRM’s, Email, etc. so you can combine actions and triggers with your favorite apps.


To quickly help you get started we created 4 pre-built ZAP templates you can use. Some examples below.

Like above you can create combinations like sending SMS or updating your CRM and multiple mixes and match combinations.

The triggers we provide:

  • Trigger for New Contact in a List
  • Trigger for New Opt-outs
  • Trigger for New Inbound SMS

Actions you can use.

  • Action for Estimating Single SMS
  • Action for Sending Single SMS
  • Action for Adding Contact to a List

What are you waiting for! Visit our Zapier Page here:

This is a new integrations so if you need help, have questions or face any issues please email us at and we will assist you immediately.