How Delivery Companies are Making the Most of SMS

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“Your pizza is on its way.”

Chances are, you’ve gotten a text just like this one if you’ve ever ordered pizza. With the advent of SMS messaging, an increasing number of delivery companies have taken advantage of text alerts to keep consumers in the loop with their orders.

How does this work, exactly?

When a customer makes an order, the company immediately send an SMS alert to the customer’s phone. Keeping with the pizza example, this would mean that the company notifies the customer that his order has gone through.

How Delivery Companies are Making the Most of SMS

With SMS, consumers receive periodic alerts about the status of their order. Essentially, customers can follow through the stages of their order with SMS alerts designed to keep them involved and up to date. This means that customers can know the estimated delivery time of their orders—making their night more convenient and increasing their reordering intentions.

Basically, SMS alerts make the delivery process more enjoyable for the consumer. With specific updates, time estimates, and friendly interaction, consumers can feel like they are in on the process. This means that delivery companies can increase brand strength and customer loyalty with targeted SMS campaigns.

What’s more, SMS alerts can be used to provide customers with special offers. Bring your marketing straight to a consumer’s phone with exclusive SMS deals. These deals will help grow your business by giving customers a convenient way to order—for cheaper. specializes in bulk SMS alerts and marketing and can give your delivery business the edge it needs to succeed. With our services, you’ll be able to interact with your customers and take a more personal approach to the way you do business.

The results are quite clear. Businesses that make use of bulk SMS services like the ones offered at are able to strengthen their brands and attract a wider client base of loyal customers. By giving your customers valuable updates that pertain to their individual orders, you can make your customers feel as if you are speaking directly to them. In other words, SMS services allow you to show your customers how much you care.

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