SMS Marketing Compliance and Automated Optouts

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Running an SMS marketing strategy can have several benefits for your business … but only if you do it the right way.

As of now, there are several regulations on the books that govern the way companies must handle their SMS marketing strategies.

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Below, we’ll take a look at the information you need to know about SMS marketing compliance.

What Do You Need to Know About SMS Marketing Compliance?

First and foremost, it’s important to remember that businesses must request and receive consent before adding any consumers to their SMS marketing campaigns.

You cannot start messaging customers without their consent—even if you have their number. It’s for this reason, that you’ll find that companies often have options to fill in mobile numbers with consent forms on their online websites. You may even find these on paper signup forms.

If customers don’t agree to be part of your SMS marketing strategy, you should not message them under any circumstances.

These rules provide the basic groundwork for SMS marketing. But there are other important regulations of which you should be aware in order to run your campaign legally.

What Are Optout Shortlinks?

We’ve seen the importance of asking customers for their consent before messaging them.

But that’s only half the story.

Did you know that businesses must also provide consumers with an option to optout of SMS marketing campaigns? There are several ways that businesses can do this.

First, SMS services must be able to respond to the word “STOP.” Customers who text this back should instantly witness a cessation of new marketing texts.

However, many customers will text other responses, meaning that businesses must constantly scan and look to see if customers are asking to optout.

One way to streamline this process for your clients is by providing optout shortlinks. These shortlinks are condensed URLs that will allow them to quickly optout of your SMS campaign.

Importantly, you’ll notice that once your customers optout, they must receive a confirmation message.

Why Are They Necessary?

As noted, existing regulations require the consent of individuals in order to be part of any SMS marketing campaign. Because of this, they must also have the ability to recant their consent whenever they choose.

Without email optout links, businesses infringe on the rights of their consumers to stop receiving SMS. This does not bode well under existing regulations and could put businesses in legal trouble.

How Does This Fit with GDPR and Other Compliance Regulations?

The GDPR, known fully as the General Data Protection Regulation, was passed by the European Union and provides an updated regulation in regard to how companies must store consumer data.

Importantly, the GDPR makes it mandatory that businesses delete the information of any EU citizen who requests it. Keep in mind, however, because stored data isn’t generally separated by the nationality of users, most businesses apply these regulations to customers no matter where they’re from.

Under these regulations, you may be required to delete the data of anyone who has opted out of your SMS campaign.

Keep this information in mind as you look to run a successful SMS strategy.